Covid-19 PCR Test in Tooting

What is PCR?

Polymerase Chain Reaction or PCR is a Covid-19 testing method that involves the analysis of the virus DNAPCR testing tooting can prevent you from any serious infection from this virus if you get it on time. This is the most reliable test for Covid screening and helps to find the active Covid patients in the UK.

Are You Looking For Valid Covid-19 PCR Test Results?

Various lab tests are available to detect the presence of the Covid-19 virus in a person. Like, they include the antibody and viral tests, of which the common tests are more in practice because they detect the active infection with precise results. Covid-19 PCR test is what most labs use for accurate results and you can get our services for PCR test.

When Do You Need an Immediate PCR Test Tooting:

Covid-19 has certain symptoms that call for screening, no matter if they are mild. You would need the PCR test tooting, if you see the following symptoms, such as:

  • Strange and consistent cough
  • Severe temperature
  • Your sense of taste or smell has changed

You should immediately book an appointment with us for a test and get a Fit to Fly Certificate without any hassle from us, our professional team can assist you selflessly. We recommend you isolate yourself until the PCR result comes. Never leave your home except for a PCR test.

However, if you were Covid-19 positive in the last 90 days, you don’t need the PCR test until you have the below symptoms

  • If you see any new variant’s symptoms
  • Or you were in contact with someone having infected with Omicron.

Having A PCR Test in Tooting If You Don’t Have Covid-19 Symptoms:

You can have Covid-19 screening or PCR at PCR Test Centre if:

  • If you were in contact with any Covid-19 patient
  • Your doctor or some other health professional wants you to have this test
  • You are going to participate in a Govt. pilot project
  • You want to get confirmation of being Covid-19 positive
  • Your first test was not clear and you want to have a second screening
  • You want to have a tooting PCR test because your loved one is Covid positive

The Process of PCR Test in Tooting:

In PCR test tooting, an expert inserts a cotton swab in the patient’s nasal cavity through the nose. The swab collects tissues from the nasopharyngeal tract and professionals test these tissues in the lab to detect infection.

The purpose of the PCR swab test is to find the virus antigens as their presence means the tested person is Covid positive or he or she is infected. The tooting PCR test is an reliable way to analyse the virus DNA, unlike other rapid techniques for testing Covid. This test gives you accurate results.

The Fit to Fly Certificate is mandatory according to various airlines, and you get it only after the PCR testing. The certificate proves that you are not Covid infected and are eligible for travel.

So, if you are planning to travel by airplane, Book PCR test tooting to avoid any inconvenience at the airport. A timely test can help you reach your destination without any delay. Other than tooting, we also provide our services in Mitcham, Clapham, Colliers Wood, Balham, and Croydon.

We Are Providing Accurate PCR Testing Services:

If you think you don’t need a PCR test you can have the rapid lateral flow test. Our staff can also guide you about the right Covid-19 test that will guide you according your needs. You can contact us on the given number to get information about all our services or login our website.

Covid-19 PCR Is Essential Before Any Surgery:

A Covid-19 PCR test also becomes essential before any surgery. In that case, your surgeon might recommend you to have this test. Sometimes the hospital does all the arrangements for this test or you can get our certified service at any time.    

Covid-19 Test for Travel

If you are going to travel inside the UK, you can have the PCR test for travel tooting. Similarly, the travel test is compulsory if you are traveling to different country as the airport staff won’t let you board the plane without this test. So, we are also assist you and make your traveling hassle free.

Our tests have accurate results, and you don’t have to wait for several days after the appointment. Just set an appointment now and get an immediate response for the PCR test for travel in tooting. Once you get the Fit to fly certificate, you won’t have to delay your journey. Even if you have just come from another country to the UK, you can ask us for Covid screening and can isolate yourself for the required time being.

You Can Get the Fit to Fly For Certificate From Us

If you senses any Covid symptoms, don’t delay your test and reach us to clear your doubt about Covid infection. Whereas if you are positive result, getting isolated will save other people from infection. If you are seeing symptoms for the last 8 days, you need immediate screening.

Things You Need to Know

From day 1 to day 7, you can count on us for accurate PCR testing tooting. Though test kits are also available for swab tests, they might be new to you as you are not a professional. We have professional experts to take the PCR swab test and then we send it for deep screening. You can call our helpline for further details or can book PCR test tooting for hassle free traveling.

Parents can also have a swab test of their younger kids. You can also have a PCR test for your loved ones by booking their appointment with us.

How to Book an Appointment for Test?

Free screening for Covid is also available on the NHS, which UK residents can avail of, but it involves lots of hassles or you will have to arrange an immediate appointment at the local A&E. Instead of taking risk of going to a crowded place or you can avail our skilled test services for PCR test tooting.

The appointment is available through a form that you can fill and send it to us. Instead of spreading infection, set your appointment for Covid 19 PCR test at a private place as PCR Test Centre.

Why Take an Appointment 

Though an appointment with PCR Test Centre is not mandatory, it can save you from getting mingled with other candidates. Social distancing is much important to save your life.  A pre-visit schedule will not waste your time, and you won’t have any fear of catching an infection. We are also providing the PCR test day 2 other than just test day 1.

When to Book Your PCR Test Day 2 

Those who arrive in the UK from another country have to submit a Covid-19 test to ensure it is negative. This test is required within 48 hours before departure.

So, like a pre-departure test, you need the PCR test day 2 test before your second day in the UK ends. This rule was made on 30th November after the emergence of the Omicron variant. Let’s look at it deeply:

  • Whoever reaches the UK from abroad needs the Day 2 test, and it does not matter if they had a vaccination or not.
  • This test should be a PCR test, unlike the one you get before departure.
  • After the Day 2 test, the patient should get isolated until he or she gets the negative result.
  • You will have to provide your flight booking details as a form within 48 hours before you fly.

You can easily book PCR test day 2 test at PCR Test Centre before reaching at the airport, it will only takes two, it means you are only two minutes away to get your online appointment.

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