Covid-19 PCR Test in Mitcham

What is a PCR Test?

PCR Test is a molecular polymerase chain reaction test, which detects the presence of any Covid-19 genetic material of the virus in human beings by using the lab technique. In PCR test Mitcham medical practitioners inserted the cotton swab into the nostrils of a person to detect the presence of coronavirus.

The Basis for Getting a Sample for PCR Test

There are various methods to obtain a sample for doing a PCR Test. 

Procedures contain nasal swabs and blood tests.

1- Nasal Swab PCR Test Mitcham

During the nasal swab test, the medical professionals inserted the cotton swab into the nostrils to get the fluidic sample from you. They perform PCR Tests on this sample by using different further lab techniques.

2- Blood PCR Test in Mitcham

The medical professional takes a blood specimen from your vein. Often they use tiny needles for getting the blood sample. They insert the tiny needle into your arm through a vein and take a very small quantity of blood from you to verify the presence of Covid-19. They collect the sample of blood into a small test tube. In this testing process, you may feel the sting-like sensation in your body. This process mostly takes a lesser time, approximately five minutes. You can book your PCR test for travel Mitcham.

Do PCR Test Have Any Risks or Pain?

PCR test in Mitcham don't have any risk or harm for you. This test is very satisfying and comfortable but you may feel very slight pain in your body while having the blood test. In a nasal swab test, you may feel little tickles in your throat that cause a cough. A nasal swab test may be discomfiting for you and also cause gagging or coughing. But all these coughing and gagging effects are temporary.

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